2010-10-30 14:12:04 by DiceMan2009

Wow... like anyone even reads this, but I'm going to post anyway :).

Ive not uploaded or created anything for a while, but i did create a few games which i didn't upload during this year, so im just getting round to uploading them. Most of them have links to my site www.LunaEclipseStudios.co.uk , even though nothing is on the site just yet :)

Anyways, enjoy!

Reaction Timer

2010-01-30 20:22:28 by DiceMan2009

So. Released my "Reaction Timer" a few days ago. Didn't do as good as I hoped it would do. But I guess that is to be expected since its a simple concept and a simple game. None the less, I am continuing to improve my AS3 skills!

Archery 8-Shot

2010-01-27 16:42:55 by DiceMan2009

Took me 2 weeks to finish (Even though i not 100% happy with the end result). But its finally done. My first AS3 project. Man I learnt so much! Some stuff like hit detection I should of already known about. But I learn how to use it in AS3. I've no idea how to use it in AS2. I must say though. The whole package thing still has me relay confused.

I've still got one game left which I haven't uploaded to Newground's yet. I'm going to wait a few days (Probably 1 or 2) before I upload.


2010-01-21 18:16:51 by DiceMan2009

I've been making a new game with AS3. Never used it before so it was mainly to test out if i could do it or not. I've managed to make some kind of archery game. Although... I'm still not very good with AS3 so it doesn't really work how I was hoping. Neither the less. I've just got to stick a menu and audio onto it and it will be ready for release. The game its self is crap. But i think the graphics are nice. Hopefully i can get some nice audio in the background which will help make the game a little more fun so it doesn't get blamed instantly!


2010-01-07 16:57:22 by DiceMan2009

Figured il'd try to become more active on NG :D. Always wanted to. So now is a good a time as any. I've already uploaded a (crap) movie and a game. So now its time to develop my "Series" =).

Project 1: Started...